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THE GREAT WAR - Gardening in the Trenches


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Blind welfare  survey   + 11 pus deadline


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Annual Southend-on-Sea Pier Barge Match returns


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Five months after hundreds of onlookers watched as the 22 Silk River scrolls departed Southend-on-Sea pier aboard the Waverley, they have now returned and will be exhibited at the Beecroft Art Gallery from 2 to 31 March 2018.

  The ambitious Silk River project explored the unique relationship between London and Kolkata through artistic exchange between communities along the Thames Estuary and India’s Hooghly River.

  A total of 192 artists, based along the Thames and Hooghly rivers, collaborated to design and create the stunning colourful scrolls, each depicting a unique perspective of each location. The Southend-on-Sea scroll features images of Old Leigh Studios, a cockle fisherman, the Endeavour, Chalkwell Hall, accompanied by references to the Hindu association.

 Each location along the Thames was twinned with a location along the Hooghly. Southend-on-Sea was matched with Krishnanagar, as both locations host large communities of artists.

 Entry to the exhibition is free, as it has been organised by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council through funding from the Southend 125 anniversary funding pot.

  Cllr Ann Holland, Executive Councillor for Culture, Tourism and the Economy, said: “The Silk River project has been a real journey of discovery for all those involved, educating us all on the importance of the relationship between London and Kolkata. In Southend, we hosted a large number of events to celebrate our 125th year as a Borough, and to finish the year off with the finale of the Silk River Project is something we are immensely proud of.

  “Seeing the true beauty of the art which is incorporated in these scrolls is magnificent, and for those who are yet to see them in person, I urge you to visit the Beecroft Art Gallery whilst the exhibition is there and marvel at the wonders of local artists.”


The Beecroft Gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00am – 17.00pm and admission is free.


Silk River scrolls exhibition

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has secured £71,195 of funding to undertake a study to help the port at Leigh-on-Sea remain accessible by all maritime uses, including the fishing and cockling industries.

Awarded to the North Thames Fisheries Local Action Group (NTFLAG): a three year programme of EU funding to support the fishing industry in and around the Leigh-on-Sea area.

 The need to investigate the infrastructure at Leigh-on-Sea port has been outlined in several past strategies, including the 2002 Southend Fisheries Strategy and more recently in the Leigh-on-Sea Coastal Community Team Economic Plan.

  Cllr Ann Holland, Executive Councillor for Culture, Tourism and the Economy and member of NTFLAG said: “Leigh-on-Sea has benefited from an established fishing community for centuries. This community has been important in shaping how the area has developed.  However, in recent times the fishing industry has come under increasing pressures, in part due to the silting up of Leigh Creek which restricts vessel access. The traditional and active fishing port of Leigh-on-Sea is the last of its kind within the Thames Estuary and a crucial part of the local economy. Therefore, it is important to establish sustainable solutions for long-term access to the port.”

  NTFLAG Chairman Andrew Rattley said: “This is an important piece of work for the NTFLAG and the fishing and cockling industry in Leigh-on-Sea. It is critical that we identify long-term sustainable solutions for port access, and we are delighted that the Council has secured this funding through the NTFLAG. We really hope that anyone with a view, knowledge or experience of Leigh Creek or the wider area will respond to the consultation so that Mott MacDonald have the very best chance of identifying clear options.”

  The Council is working with consultants Mott MacDonald, who are also working on the Southend-on-Sea Shoreline Strategy, to undertake the study. They will work with project partners and stakeholders to identify appropriate and sustainable options. This will be a first stage study, with further work to follow should suitable and sustainable options be identified.

  NTFLAG is funded through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and is managed by Thames Estuary Partnership along with many other local partners including the fishing industry, Leigh Port Partnership, Leigh Town Council and the Cultural Engine. EMFF funding in England is overseen by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).


The study has four objectives:

 1.            Find cost effective and sustainable solutions to improve the long-term access to Leigh port for all vessels.

2.            Identify opportunities for effective long-term management and operations of the port facilities.

3.            Establish solutions which are compatible with the natural environment.

4.            Find solutions which support the aspirations for the future of Leigh Port as set out in the FLAG Local Development Strategy.


The consultation period begins on February 26th and will run to 23rd April of this year. Within these eight weeks there are a variety of ways to get involved with your view on the future of the port.


There will be two consultation events held within Old Leigh where you can meet Mott MacDonald and other NTFLAG representatives:


- 16th March 10-5pm – Leigh Heritage Centre


- 22nd March 2-9pm – Leigh Heritage Centre

 1.    Online platform of StickyWorld where you can comment on an interactive map  

 2.    Fill out our feedback form for postal return. These will be available at the consultations, or you can download them from the Better Southend website

If you would like to know more about the North Thames FLAG, please visit the website:


Funding secured for                                              

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Leigh-on-Sea fishing port study

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A WARNING has been sent out by a local vet to dog owners about the dangers of their pets eating chocolate this Easter.

Kevin Wood, clinical director at Cherrydown Vets in Basildon, has urged all dog owners to be careful where they leave Easter eggs and chocolate treats. Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance which is harmful to dogs as they struggle to metabolise it, so it builds up in their bodies to toxic levels. If a dog is suffering from chocolate poisoning, they can display symptoms including hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhoea and flts. Mr Wood said: 'AlI chocolate and cocoa products should be kept well out of the reach of dogs as they can be very harmful. "In extreme cases, they can even be fatal."

A warning to dog owners