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Lifetime and Coaching




The perfect “fix me” recipe that's easy to jazz up for any occasion. (Including those moments

you really wish weren’t happening)


  • 175g (6oz) of favourite outfit/ accessories/gorgeous lippy (or all three just because you can.)

  • 175g (6oz) OF CULTURED DIVA

  • 3 large measures of gumption

  • 175g (6oz) self-belief

  • 1tsp of gratitude

  • 1tsp REAL LOVE

  • Big pinch of salt


1. Heat your morning coffee 160 degrees. Lightly grease your palms with a little extra treat money or bank card.( This allows you to feel more confident and in control )

2. Put all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and fold with a wooden spoon for 1 minute,

or until just combined and you can feel all the love and energy fill your veins soul and heart.

It's important not to beat the batter - just long enough to make it smooth. ( give yourself a compliment)

3. Shut your eyes, imagine pouring or spooning the mixture through your heart and mind.

Smooth the top and bake in your mind for about 4-5minutes (whilst you sip your coffee and relax for these moments). The “Fix Me” is done when you feel a smile and feel like you can rise to the occasion; you should spring back pretty quickly.

4. Rest for one more minute. Serve dusted with as much courage as you can handle.

5. Usually this fix is shared between every person you meet, who take a little piece of you at a time –          share SPARINGLY – you are more important than anyone right now and all these little ingredients are yours –

6. For the finishing touch add a smile to your reflection.


Keep a little faith, a little humour and remember to love yourself a little, lots.



Dear reader

If you have found your deep connection and deep love for Kale, may I be the first to be in awe of your fabulous relationship and ability to look trim. It’s not just kale though, it’s those snotty green, thick lumpy “smoothies” that many people and celebs seem to live by. I am certainly not a ‘commitment phobe’, I’m very loyal to my many forms of cake and chocolate, but to commit to a life of green?

(Will the IBS allow it? )

Something has to be said for feeling the delightful feeling of feeling well, energetic, slim and skin looking beyond perfect. Thing is, I am very careful with my diet – I don’t take milk in my coffee, I don’t have sugar in my tea, I cook everything fresh (and im pretty good at cooking). I use rapeseed oil, I eat granary bread (not many sandwiches either mainly toast). I have loads of fresh veggies and

fruits from the market, I just can’t give up the cake, chocolate and ice cream.

So I decided that it didn’t help to be reminded that recently I don’t fit into some of my wardrobe. I’m

not going to lose weight overnight so I got rid of the REALLY skinny clothes to a good friend and my

size 10/12s up into the loft. I am only a size 14 and it won’t take me long to get back to that weight

but I don’t need to be reminded every time I open the wardrobe.

So what’s in your cupboard? I’m not just talking about clothes I’m talking about the general

skeletons in your cupboard. It’s all very well having goals get rid of what makes you miserable today.

Declutter your life, declutter your brain lose the negative influences in your life and take a minute to

be happy as you are.

I know that I will hit the gym and eat more fresh fruit instead of bad things, but I need to feel good

now – so for me - those spanks will just have to get aired whilst I decide on the future diet.


Free yourself from what makes you feel shame, sadness or anything other than fab and sometimes

when you declutter your life you’ll always find some treasure.


Keep a little faith, a little humour and remember to love yourself a little, lots. xx

Kale or coconut cake?


As a mum to a 3 year old, a partner, a business woman with my own business and my partners, a home to clean, cats to feed, a garden to tend and family and friends, life is very busy. My day from beginning to end is a constant energy filled flight. The Duracell bunny has nothing on me! The Genetics of Superman!!

All of a sudden, feeling overwhelmed, pressured, feeling like I was losing a game of Jumanji I felt

myself snapping. My usual womanly moan-offs about untidiness and man/child/pet issues became in internal scream and an external out bursts, thinking I was losing my edge!

The truth of the matter was that I had conveniently forgotten that over a period of 3 month I had suffered virus after virus. To then be faced with relapse after relapse, I wasn’t well. Point to the story is --- I wasn’t losing my edge, I was poorly.

When was the last time you stopped, worked out what the next step is, if things become complicated and hard, what is making is so difficult?

If something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. I for some reason you are struggling then you need to find the source. You could be poorly, tired, exasperated, over whelmed, overly high expectations or purely missing the one person you need right now – the real you.


Just know that most things in the world can wait. Responsibilities are responsibilities but some

things can just wait!

The most important thing in your world is you, what do you need? Do you feel like the best version

of you right now? Sit and think, lists are great with your feet up and a cup of tea in the quiet of your

peace and contentment. Write your lists of what you need to do, what can wait and needs to be

dealt with.

  Find the courage to say no, not only to others but to yourself and your expectations. Then when you

feel in control and rested start introducing the less important things back in.

Remember to do things that make you feel good, try to take the negative influences out of your life

and in some ways some of the more boring tasks can be made more exciting by you by changing

your perception ad being a little creative.

Keep a little faith, a little humour and remember to love yourself a little, lots.


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A CAMPAIGN group has won a two-year battle to reduce the speed limit on a country road after a crash badly injured a rider and caused a horse to be put down. The Canewdon Equestrians' campaign will see the speed limit on Lark Hill Road. Rayleigh, reduced from the national speed limit of 60mph to 40mph after Laura Thorogood's horse Angel was tragically hit by a car. Laura,32, of Beach Avenue, Leigh, said: "I'm reaIIy happy that we have got the decision and I hope this reduction will make it a safer place and I hope measures will be taken to ensure there are no more near misses or to avoid a similar tragedy like what happened. Laura was riding Angel when they were hit by a red Fiat 500. Laura sustained long term injuries to her back and suffered from Post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident in November 2016.  Laura has  campaigned for changes. She said:  "It has taken two Years to get something we needed, The decision will be officially agreed by Essex County Council's local highways Panel in December.

Victory for campaigners